The Zen Guarantee

Zen Windows fully understands the importance of doors and windows in your home. Aside from performing their obvious functions, they also have a say in the overall look and performance of your home, which can have a direct effect in your comfort and convenience. For these important reasons, we offer a solid lifetime warranty for both our material and labor on all our door and window replacements. We are highly confident in the quality of our products and services; hence there is no reason why we shouldn’t stand behind our work 100%.

The Zen Guarantee

With Zen Windows, we always try our best to give you excellent value for your money. As much as we possibly can, we want to make sure that the money you paid to have the replacement door or windows installed in your home is the only amount you will have to invest for as long as you live there.

In order to accomplish this goal, we continue to strive for customer satisfaction at all times. However, if and when warranty issues arise, we are more than ready and willing to come to your home as soon as possible regardless of the magnitude of the problem. We have always prided ourselves for being able to respond promptly and effectively without letting our clients wait. We see to it that our technicians are always on call to be able to attend to issues right away.

And, the great thing about all these things is that we don’t require any additional or extra charges. This is because all the service costs are already included in the warranty package. Whether you’re dealing with a cracked glass, a torn screen, or any other warranty-related issues, you don’t need to stress out yourself because we have you covered.

When you choose to purchase your replacement door or windows from us, we encourage you to ask questions particularly on the details of our warranty. By knowing all the crucial details, you will feel confident and secure about your decision. We will try our best to answer all your queries and won’t keep you in the dark the whole time.

Precision Installation

At Zen Windows, all our replacements come with precision installation from qualified professionals that we hired and trained ourselves.

Although the construction and design of a window are important contributory factors to its overall performance, the quality of its installation is just as crucial. After all, if the installation is improperly carried out, regardless of its superior quality, the window will never live up to its optimum potentials.

This is exactly the reason why we do not outsource and entrust the installation job to others. Rather, we have our own group of dedicated and qualified professionals who have undergone trainings to be properly skilled to take full control of the entire installation task and the responsibilities that come along with it. Like us, they also adhere to the same high standards we set for our installation process.

No-Money-Down Guarantee

One of the main reasons why Zen Windows differs from the rest of the window companies is because of our no-money-down policy. We don’t get paid until we complete the installation project in your home and you are 100% satisfied.

More than anything else, we care about your satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is not only to provide the best product and services in the industry, but also to ensure that our clients have a pleasant experience with us. With our no-money-down policy, we hope to establish a trust-based relationship with you that can go a long way.

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