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Beautiful One-Story Brick Tudor

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Zen Windows restored the classic look of this stunning and unique one-story tudor by employing custom designed casement windows. The casements that come with equally personalized colors helped accentuate the color scheme and the natural surroundings of the home, both indoors and outdoors.

  • We opted for eyebrow windows to have enough space for architectural interest without compromising the original style of the house.
  • We chose the gorilla triple pane glass system for maximum protection against cold weather conditions and the wind.
  • We used custom internal grid patterns for all the windows to help maintain the design integrity of the house.

Beautiful Two-Story Colonial


The owner of this two-story house wanted to boost its visual appeal and energy-efficiency. We met his requirements by simply installing new double hung windows. The simplicity of the changes belied the huge impact they brought to the overall look of the house. In addition, the installation of the beautiful dormer windows further gave the property a distinctive look that is exactly what the owner wanted to achieve. 

  • To come up with a unique look that matches the personal style of the client, we used custom grid configurations for this project.
  • We made use of windows that can be tilted in to allow for easy access and maintenance.
  • Given that the windows have a wooden exterior, we made sure it’s intact for minimal or even zero maintenance.
  • The Godzilla triple pane glass system was used for this project for optimum energy efficiency.

Beautiful Craftsman Style Ranch


For this project, we installed both custom transom windows and a front door. We also used double hung windows. Each of the windows came with custom internal grids to further enhance the aesthetics of the home. What is amazing is that despite the many changes we brought in, we were able to complete the job in just one day.

  • The front door and the transom windows complemented each other and formed a unique combination that gave this house a distinctively welcoming entryway.
  • We employed low-E insulating glass plus argon for maximum protection against extremely cold outdoor conditions and the sun’s UV rays.
  • We used the seal smart glass for this project to fully maximize the windows’ insulating capabilities and thermal performance.

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