Is It A Good Idea To Have Your Entry Door Changed As Well When You Replace Your Home’s Windows?

Amidst soaring fuel prices these days, it is perhaps safe to say that the decision of many homeowners to replace their old windows goes beyond aesthetic purposes. More than anything else, it is to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. You see, the statistics from the US Department of Energy can be disconcerting. Accordingly, faulty and inefficient windows account for about 25% of the monthly electricity bills of common households. Thus, with new energy efficient replacement windows, homeowners hope to lower their energy consumption overtime and save money along the way.

But then again, even with the upgrade there are still homeowners who are not satisfied with the outcome. This is pretty common especially if you are expecting results to manifest right away. You see, it will normally take about 3-4 years for the replacement windows to pay for themselves, let alone enable you to see real savings.

Also, there are homeowners who are disappointed with the overall energy saving capabilities of even the most efficient replacement windows. One common complaint is that there is still significant energy loss even with the installation of new windows on their homes. While it is easy to narrow down the possible causes to the level of quality of the replacement windows and the accuracy of their installation, in some instances, both have nothing to do with the issue.

Aside from having unrealistic expectations, many property owners are too caught up with what the new replacement windows can provide that they tend to dismiss the role of the largest opening of the house- the front entry door. When it comes to the overall efficiency performance of your home, the role your door plays is just as important as that of the windows.

Think about this. Once your windows are properly sealed, the cold or warm air inside your house will naturally look for another possible exit and the door is a good option. Assuming that your new windows have all the integral parts and are properly installed then, obviously they are not the problem. Your door is. Needless to say, in order to fully maximize the coverage on energy savings, it is ideal to have both your windows and door replaced.

Nowadays, entry doors are offered in a wide selection in terms of design and features. For instance, you can get a steel gauge door that comes with a unique glasslite design, compression weather stripping, and an adjustable oak threshold. These features are necessary if your ultimate goal is to boost your home’s efficiency. However, just like your replacement windows, replacing your door may need some careful planning. It is wise to consult with your contractor first so you can properly plan the project and get the results that you want for your home.

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