How Do You Find A Good Warranty On New Windows?

Many companies boast of “lifetime warranty” they have on their windows. However, upon closer inspection, you will realize that the term lifetime can be vague and even misleading. Often it can be very limited that in the end, the so-called lifetime warranty doesn’t mean anything at all. 

When you are shopping for replacement windows, make sure that you thoroughly examine all the warranty components. Don’t be afraid to raise a few questions to determine whether or not you have a solid warranty going for your windows. Here are a few questions that you should be asking your provider:

  1. Is the window company backing the warranty or the window manufacturer? (If possible, try to find a solid manufacturer’s warranty.)
  2. Which does the term “lifetime” refer to- the window, your home, or the length of time you’re going to live in your property?
  3. What is the scope of the lifetime warranty- the unit and the installation or just the windows?
  4. In cases of warranty issues, are there any additional cost on my end?
  5. Is the warranty transferable? If yes, are there any extra charges?
  6. Does the warranty cover accidental breakage?

Even if a warranty seems solid, it is still wise to do some further investigation. Don’t forget to ask for references. Make sure that the references the company gives you will help you evaluate how they responded to warranty issues rather than how well they performed in the unit installation.

Among others, you can ask how long it took them to file and complete a service call; whether or not the technician was on stand-by when the service call was made; and if they had been charged any fees. If a company promptly responds to service calls regardless of the extent of the issues, and no extra cost is charged, you know you are in good hands.

Always keep in mind that your replacement windows should be a one-time investment. Once you made the purchase, the money you spent should be the first and last investment you will ever have to make as far as they are concerned. This is why you have to make sure you understand all the components of the warranty. Don’t trust everything that the company says. Always find out for yourself.

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