Do Replacement Windows Really Pay For Themselves In The Long Run?

All the benefits of replacement windows clearly show that you get excellent value for your money. There’s really no need to exaggerate what they can offer you. In case you miss what they can do to your home, here’s a quick rundown: boost the value of your property through enhanced overall aesthetics and improved efficiency, very minimal and even zero maintenance for your windows; quiet, convenient and comfortable home environment.

It is ironic at times when these same qualities that make replacement windows ideal are also the same qualities that make them quite unsuitable for some people. You see, the benefits they provide are often viewed as luxuries. However, the truth is, while replacement windows can make your life at home convenient and comfortable, they are more than anything else, necessity than luxury.

Here’s something you need to know. Based on statistics from the US Department of Energy, inefficient and faulty windows account for about 25% of the energy consumption of common households. By investing in efficient replacement windows, you can significantly lower your energy usage. For example, by installing even the standard vinyl replacement window with a simple glass package of Low-E and argon in your home, you can actually minimize your power bills by no less than 25%.

Assuming your monthly energy bill averages at $100, this means that you will be able to save about $300 within the year without the consideration of inflation. In ten years, you can save about $3000. This actually points out an obvious fact. In just about 3-4 years, your replacement windows will already have paid for themselves.

By the way, here’s the fun part. There’s actually another way to look at your replacement windows. Try to see them as your lifetime employees that will loyally serve you for as long as you want them to. Hard-working and efficient, they will live up to your expectations and perform to their maximum level. Plus, they will help you to save money in many different ways without extra charge from your end. In fact, they are one time investments which means that the money you paid to have them in your home is the first and last investment you will ever have to make.

To sum things up, you are faced with two options. You can invest in new replacement windows and reap the rewards they offer. Or, you may choose to stick with your old and inefficient windows and suffer the consequences, which by the way, can be much costlier in the long run. The choice is all in your hands.


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