Is It Possible To Have Windows And Doors Installed During Winter In Boston, Massachusetts?

Of course the answer is a big YES. As long as some precautionary measures are observed during the installation process, there really is no reason why your windows and doors can’t be installed during winter.

Essentially, a lot of people think winter is not an ideal time for a window or door replacement project since the amount of energy loss can be high during the installation process. However, this can be easily prevented or at least minimized through a few considerations.

For instance, installers should replace the windows one at a time. This will limit the amount of energy escaping out of the house. In addition, the prep work should be done prior to removing the windows to lessen the time the windows or doors are detached from the house before the new replacements can be installed. In most cases, a window installation can take about no more than five minutes. During the entire process, it is important to make sure that all the doors in the house are shut down to prevent further drafts.

Another concern about window or door replacements done during winter is the cost. There’s the prevailing notion that it can be costlier to have the installation in winter than having it carried out on a different time of the year. The truth is that it will actually save you more time and money to have the installation done in winter since delivery time is much faster and labor cost is typically lower during this season. In addition, with Zen Windows Boston, regardless of how much work is required for the prep work, we won’t require any extra charge.

If you are concerned about the noise during the entire process, you will be surprised to know that it won’t bother you as much as you thought it would. In fact, you can watch TV in your den the whole time our installers are busy with the installation.

There’s no problem about disrupting your home life, either. You can take comfort in the fact that we value your home and your needs. When our team comes to your house, we make sure not to disrupt anything. We will not crowd your home or leave dirty prints on your floor. We won’t cause you further inconvenience than what is only required of the installation process.  As a rule, only one installer gets inside your house while another works outside. We take pride in our ability to complete our installation process successfully without disrupting the lives of our clients.

If your windows are inefficient and malfunctioning, there is no reason for you to endure the cold days and nights of winter months. Get in touch with us and regardless of the time of the year, we will make sure that you get absolute comfort in your own home.

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