Are Your Windows At Home No Longer Working Well And Are Giving You The Cold Shoulder?

It is perhaps safe to say that by now you have already heard of the energy and money-saving capabilities of modern replacement windows. Many of you are perhaps thinking of updating your present home windows, but the most significant issue that is holding you back is the cost. As everyone knows, installing new windows at home is not exactly an inexpensive undertaking.

Based on the annual Cost VS Value Report of Remodeling Magazine, the average cost for the installation of vinyl windows is $11,319, just slightly lower than a wood window replacement which averages at $12,229. For a number of homeowners, this amount is no joke. In fact, it is quite a hefty price to pay. However, because new windows can significantly lower the energy consumption at home, a number of homeowners braved the intimidating price tag. According to an estimate by the US Environmental Protection Energy, depending on where you live, you can actually save up to $501 a year when you replace your old single-pane windows with new energy-efficient models.

But then again, it is still very important to make sure if replacing your old windows is really necessary. This leads a lot of homeowners to ask the most common question: “How do I know if it is time to replace my windows?” 

First off all, if having your present windows is making your home more and more uncomfortable, then it is time to consider a replacement. Home windows play a significant role in the overall performance of the home. They bring in more than just pleasant aesthetics. If having them offers you little or no consolation at all, then chances are that they no longer offer you the same efficiency as before or they ceased to be useful. If this is the case with your windows, it is definitely time to upgrade.

Essentially, you can replace your windows anytime you want. However, the following scenarios will signify that it is the perfect time for you to make the change:

• Your present windows are single pane, which means that they are the least energy efficient as they enable the most heat transfer between your indoors and outdoors.

• Your windows are hard to operate. This clearly shows that they have passed their prime. New windows bring in several benefits including the ease of operation. 

• Your seals have been compromised. Seals around your windows don’t actually last a lifetime. A failed window means a complete waste of energy and money.

• External noises can be heard clearly inside your home. New windows will not only reduce heat transfer, but will also significantly decrease the amount of noise allowed into your home. If the noise outdoors can be really annoying, it is about time to get new windows.

• Condensation between panes. If you see condensation forming between your glass panes, it only means one thing. Your windows are not performing as efficiently as expected.


At the end of the day, given the formidable investment, nobody can make you replace your old windows unless you really want to. But then again, you have to understand that keeping your old and inefficient windows may prove to be more expensive in the long run, not to mention inconvenient, and unreasonable. Make the right choice.

Once you have made up your mind about your windows, give us a call today and let’s discuss the best replacement windows for your home.

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