Which Is Better… Vinyl or Non-Vinyl?


Vinyl windows can have the look of wood with the maintenance-free attributes of vinyl.




Interlocks and air barriers can be designed right into the shape of the vinyl extrusion. Foam fill adds insulation to the multi-chambered construction.




SureCoat™ Standard Exterior PVC Bond Colors



Interior woodgrains








What Makes Vinyl Windows Better Than Their Non-Vinyl Equivalents?

7 Big Reasons Why Zen Vinyl Windows Are A Really Good Choice

  1. With vinyl windows, you don’t have to bother yourself with any regular upkeep and servicing since they are almost maintenance-free. Unlike wood or metal windows, they don’t require routine maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition.
  2. Superior quality vinyl windows are meant to last for a very long time, exceeding the life span of most, if not, all wood and metal windows. They will maintain their structural integrity over time as they don’t deteriorate or separate like wood and metal. In addition, Zen Windows Boston’s vinyl windows are warranted throughout their lifetime giving you the assurance that if some issues turn up in the future, you’ll have the support you need for your windows.
  3. The sash and frame corners of vinyl windows are fusion-welded making them air-tight allowing only very minimal amounts of air leakage. In comparison, the corners of wood and metal windows are mechanically-fastened, which means that screws are used to join them together. This kind of approach weakens overtime creating gaps into which air is allowed to leak out. While you can resort to caulking to address this issue, the caulking can only last for a certain period of time and sooner than later, you’ll be dealing with the same problem once more.
  4. Constant exposure to outdoor elements particularly rain and snow can take its toll on wood windows. Once moisture manages to seep through their frames, they start to warp, discolor, and eventually rot affecting not just their appearance, but overall performance as well. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, can stand up against outdoor elements more effectively than wood windows. Plus, they don’t rot or decay.
  5. Zen Vinyl windows are easy to operate. Opening and closing the units will require very minimal effort thanks to their smooth-action balance systems.
  6. Vinyl windows already have the advantage over other alternative options in terms of energy efficiency. This is because the material alone makes it possible for engineers to come up with innovative designs such as the interlocks and air barriers as well as the multi-chambered extrusions. The existence of these elements results in high performing windows that allow homeowners to have comfortable indoor temperatures minus the exorbitant cooling and heating bills.
  7. In the past, vinyl windows were offered in very limited color options. Today, because of an innovative PVC coating technique, SureCoat™ Standard Exterior PVC Bond Colors, it is possible to paint the exterior of vinyl windows with any color that you want. At Zen Windows Boston, you can choose from our wide range of colors ranging from our 14 standard shades and unlimited custom colors. Also, our vinyl windowinterior is presented in white, beige, brown, and woodgrains.

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