What Is Air Infiltration?

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All windows, regardless of what they are made of, leak some air. But then again, some windows leak more air than others. Or to put it a little differently, some windows are better at preventing air infiltration than others. This is where the type of window becomes a necessary consideration. You see, according to ENERGY STAR, air leakage accounts for at least 25% of the monthly energy consumption of an average household. This means that you are spending your hard-earned money on energy that just goes out of the window, literally and figuratively speaking.

At Zen Windows Boston, we offer superior vinyl windows that are designed and constructed to prevent a significant amount of air from leaking out, keeping your home comfortable and your monthly heating and cooling bills down.

Why Do Some Windows Leak Air More Than Others?

Don’t assume that all windows are created equal. They are not. This is the main reason why some windows perform better than others in terms of preventing air infiltration. A poorly designed window lets a significant amount of air out of your home. More often than not, it doesn’t have barriers and weather stripping around the sash; or the amount is insufficient to effectively block a considerable amount of air leakage. It may also lack the built-in airlocks. Needless to say, all these components are what enable windows to keep air leakage at a minimum. Without them, it is easy for cool or warm air inside your home to escape out through your windows.

Leaky windows can be a major headache, not to mention expensive to have at home. With our vinyl windows, air infiltration is significantly reduced as we equip them with all the necessary components, even exceeding industry standards. This is the reason why our vinyl windows boast of a much better performance in comparison to any other similar window available out there today, even those made by big and well-known manufacturers in the industry.

To help you decide which window is best for your home, contact Zen Windows Boston for more information.



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