Double Hung vs Single Hung

Both sashes lift up and
tilt-in for easy cleaning.
Poorly designed windows can
leak air in numerous places,
making your home drafty.

Are Double Hung Vinyl Windows Better Than Single Hungs?

At Zen Windows Boston, choosing between a double hung and single hung window becomes just a matter of personal taste and preference. This is because our windows are designed and constructed to offer you quality, energy efficiency, durability, ease of operation, and affordability. Regardless of the choice you make, whether you will opt for a single or double hung window, you are sure to get the best deal.

  • Two sashes that lift: Double hung windows have two significant advantages over single hungs. First, they have two operating sashes that will enable you to properly regulate air circulation at home. Second, Zen’s double hungs can be tilted in with just a push of a button making it easier and more convenient for you to clean the windows. Meanwhile, with a single hung, only its bottom sash is able to move up and down for ventilation.
  • Affordability: If the cost of the window is an important consideration for you, you should opt for single hung windows. Since only one of their sashes is operational, this keeps the cost of the unit down. Single hungs are generally less expensive than double hung windows.
  • Air infiltration: Ideally, your windows should only allow very minimal amounts of air infiltration. At Zen Windows Boston, regardless of your choice of windows, you are sure to get the best air infiltration ratings in the business. Our single hung and double hung windows are designed with both air and water barriers for maximum weather protection. Plus, they come with no less than two strips of weather stripping to make them air-tight only allowing a fraction of air to leak out.
  • Energy efficiency: In order for your windows to offer maximum energy performance, you have to consider not just their frame and sash construction, but also the type of glass used. At Zen Windows Boston, we have more than 20 different glass packages for you to choose from to ensure that your single hung or double hung windows meet your energy needs at home.

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