Double Hung Replacement Windows

What Is A Double Hung Window?

A Zen Windows Double Hung Window shown from the exterior.



Tilt in windows are easy to clean.





The sashes on the Zen Windows Double Hung Windows can be lifted and tilted in.


You can see double hung windows practically everywhere for a good reason. They are today’s most popular type of window in the United States. Double hungs are so-called because of the way their two sashes were hung through counterweights within their frames. These days, for added strength and ease of operation, manufacturers often use spring balances or steel coils rather than counterweights.

Designed With You And Your Home In Mind

At Zen Windows Boston, we give you more reasons to invest in our double hungs because of the following innovative features:

  • Durability and excellent lift action: They come with either Endura-Force™ or Certa-Force™ balances which offer strength and ease of operation. Sliding the sashes of your double hung windows becomes effortless as they easily and smoothly slide up and down.
  • Easy cleaning from inside the home: Our double hung windows come with the tilt in feature allowing you to tip the sashes in. With just a push of a button, you can easily clean the exterior of your double hungs from inside your home. This makes cleaning them really fast and easy to do.
  • Minimal air infiltration: With their specially-designed air barriers and adequate amount of weather stripping, our double hung windows can prevent a significant amount of air from leaking out. Because they are air-tight, you will have a comfortable time indoors with considerably reduced heating and cooling bills.
  • Innovative sill designs: Zen’s double hung windows feature a strong bond between the sill and jamb offering maximum protection against severe weather conditions.
  • Energy efficient glass packages: We offer a wide range of glass packages to fully meet your energy requirements at home.
  • Added convenience and peace of mind: All of our double hungs are designed with vent stops allowing you to regulate air-flow. With proper control of air circulation, you can actually reduce your cooling bills to some extent. With vent stops, you can open your sashes just a few inches, enough to let in cool breeze, but not wide enough to allow intruders to get into your home.

In addition to these features, our double hung windows are available in affordable price options to meet all types of budget requirements.

To help you determine which windows to get for your home, contact Zen Windows Boston for more information.



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