Windows, Moisture, And Your Home

The Common Ground That Connects Replacement Windows In Reading MA, Moisture, And Your Home

There are a few obvious indications that should warn you that your windows are in imminent danger of failing. One of these is the condensation build-up on your window panes. When your windows “sweat,” this can lead to a number of moisture-related damages affecting your window sills and their surroundings. But why do windows “sweat” to begin with?

This sweating is actually typical with aluminum single-pane windows and commonly happens during the winter months as the temperature difference between each side of the glass causes condensation. The water then trickles down and gathers on the sill eventually causing the latter to warp and deteriorate. While some homeowners address this problem by putting a towel to absorb the moisture, this doesn’t solve the problem at all as the wet towel now causes the window sills to warp.

A serious condensation problem is bad news and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There’s more to it that just a messed-up window sill. The water can actually penetrate your wall through the window frame damaging wooden support beams and creating visible cracks along the way which can invite termites to feast on your home, your major real estate investment. In addition, it can also allow and even encourage mold growth which can be potentially dangerous and even deadly.

Fortunately, you can nip the problem in the bud before it grows into an even bigger problem that will be too much for you to handle. When you first see the tell-tale tale signs like the condensation build-up, consider a window replacement. At Zen Windows Boston, we can provide you with double-pane windows that will do a much better job in preventing condensation buildup than your old single-panes ever could. What is even great is that we can do the necessary adjustments while installing your new window. By acting now, you can prevent potential troubles from happening in the future. Plus, you can save yourself from spending thousands of dollars in water-related home repairs and mold remediation. Call us today for our famous 5-minute window quote!

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