Double-Pane VS Triple-Pane Windows

Double-Pane VS Triple-Pane Windows In Woburn MA: Which One’s The Better Choice?

At this point, you should already know that double-pane windows have clear advantages over their single-pane counterparts especially in terms of thermal and sound insulation. These huge advantages can translate to a more comfortable indoor temperature and significantly minimized utility bills even during tough weather conditions. You probably think that since two panes are good, triple-pane windows should be so much better. The more, the merrier, right? Well, as what they say, there’s always an exception to the rule. You see, at Zen Windows Boston, we don’t normally recommend triple-pane windows to our customers.

This is simply because triple-pane windows, which basically are double-pane windows on steroids, are unnecessary unless you live in regions with very cold climate. Employing the same basic principles as their double-pane versions, they are great at retaining energy. However, in certain areas, there is no need for this quality making triple-pane windows not worth the added expense. In fact, we only recommend them to our clients who are looking for added protection against:

  • Direct sunlight – If you have a room in your house that takes the full blast of the sun’s rays for most of the day, it gets hot very fast particularly on hot days. Thus, you’ll need all the thermal insulation you can get. This is when we recommend strategically-positioned triple-pane windows while the rest of the rooms in your house will have to settle with double-pane windows.
  • Noise – Triple-pane windows are great at blocking a considerable amount of noise from getting inside your home. So when your house is located in areas where dealing with all sorts of noise is a daily battle, you can benefit from triple-panel windows to help you sleep well at night or do your usual activities during the day without the need for earplugs.

If you’re still trying to figure out if your home or a part of it needs triple-pane windows, call us today and give us an idea about your situation. We can help you come up with a sensible and practical decision that will enable you to have a comfortable time indoors without spending more than you should.

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