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Are You Crazy To Buy
Replacement Windows Online?

That depends…
If you love having high pressure sales people in your home for hours… then yes, you would be crazy to do it the Zen way.
If you want to have a salesman’s commission as part of your windows cost… then yes, you would be crazy to do it the Zen way.
If you want to have the overhead of showroom and personnel in your window cost… then yes, you would be crazy to do it the Zen way.
If you like giving out money just because you “signed up” and BEFORE any work has been done… then yes, you would be crazy to do it the Zen way.

Here’s how Zen Windows prefers to do it…

Dealing with Zen Windows of Boston is a TOTALLY different experience from other window companies for 2 main reasons.

  1. We never send a salesman to your home. We give window quotes online or over the phone and we do it all in about 5 minutes with no sales pitch or boring statistics about our windows. Our attitude is: “If you want vinyl windows, here’s your price.”
  2. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will make sure that we provide the quality products and installation services that you deserve before we’re ever going to ask you for a penny. We don’t ask for any down payments. We don’t get paid until your vinyl windows have been installed and you’re completely happy with them. Does that mean we have great windows and great installers? Simply put… We Have To!
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When you choose Zen Windows Boston, you will have a totally different experience from what you have been used to because of TWO BIG reasons. First, you will not have to deal with salesmen in your home. We offer free window quotes online or via phone. We can do this in as little as 5 minutes.

These Are Vinyl Windows!

These Are Vinyl Windows!

Second, your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. How is this possible? We make sure that we provide you with quality products and excellent installation services before we ask you for any payment. Unless you are completely satisfied with the results in your home, we don’t get paid.

At Zen Windows Boston, we value your time and money as much as you do. First of all, we can provide you with free quotes for replacement windows and doors within just 5 minutes. All you have to do is get in touch with us via phone or fill out the short form at the right. With some very basic information about the windows your are wanting to replace, such as the types and sizes of the windows and doors that you need, we can offer you an accurate and quick quote without sending a salesperson to your home. Windows are that simple. It’s not rocket science and there is certainly nothing that would require a 2 hour visit from me just to give you a quote for your windows.

Next, we don’t require any upfront fees. Our no-money-down guarantee will give you the assurance that we will provide you with the best replacement windows and doors that you need as well as the kind of service that will efficiently and successfully install the units in your home. This means that we won’t get paid unless the installation project is completed and you are 100% satisfied with both your new windows and our installation.

This is our way of adhering to excellence – the Zen way. Give us a call now or send as an e-mail or fill out the short form to the right. Let’s get you that free quote in an instant with no strings attached.


A Lot Of People Ask… “How can you give me an accurate quote without coming to my house?”

With today’s technology especially with the dawn of the internet and the presence of smart phone cameras, there’s really no need for us to go to a house just so we can provide a window quote. The only real reason behind visiting a household is to give a salesman the opportunity to carry out high pressure sales tactics.

When you ask us for a quote, the only things that we need to know are:

1. The number of windows that you want to replace
2. The type of windows that you need
3. The size of the largest window that you have (if they’re not of the same size) and how many you have like that
4. The size of your average window and how many you have like that
5. The options such as colors, full or half screens and grids that you want to get

That’s it! It’s that simple.

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Single pane windows are a far cry from modern LowE double pane windows. They can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a home. Note the difference the new windows make in the appearance of this home.

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